Dynapic Piezo Membrane Switches

Dynapic Piezo Membrane Switches


Keypads for Challenging Environments

Does your product need to function in a challenging environment? Temperature extremes? Outdoor exposure? Mechanical and/or operator abuse? Perhaps your product must withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents? If so, then Technigraphics has a solution for you.

Dynapic Piezo Membrane Switches

When your product requires the ultimate in keyboard durability, reliability, as well as resistance to harsh and abusive environments, Dynapic® piezo membrane keypads are the solution! This rugged piezo keypad technology enables us to produce your rugged keypad using a thick, durable, vandal-resistant overlay made of Metalphoto anodized or etched aluminum, stainless steel, thick plastic or even glass!

Dynapic is similar in design to a membrane keyboard, except that there are ceramic elements in the area of the keys. This means that when the overlay (which can be made from metal or glass) is pressed to produce the switching motion, it is non-tactile and does not deform. As a result, the Dynapic piezo keypads are extremely robust and durable. Resistance to vandalism, precise switching cycles and a high degree of operator comfort are among the most important features of this unique flat rugged keyboard, which is based upon piezo technology. Zero-travel operation allows a simple and solid construction with minimum insertion depth. Also, the overlay can be chosen individually from a wide range of materials.

Benefits of Dynapic Piezoelectric Keypads:

  • Unsurpassed durability and vandal-resistance versus traditional membrane switches
  • Rated to exceed 10 million actuations
  • Chemical, temperature, and vandal-resistance
  • Suppression of electromagnetic interference
  • Resistant mechanical wear and tear
  • Unaffected by changes in air pressure
  • Various overlay materials can be used
  • Adjustable operating force

Typical applications:

  • washing machines
  • dishwashers
  • coffee machines
  • self-service kiosks
  • chemical and laboratory tools and equipment
  • bank cash dispensers
  • self-service vending machines
  • cashless payment appliances
  • weighing and cash machines
  • railway equipment

How Dynapic® Technology Solves Your Membrane Switch Problems

ProblemTraditional Membrane Switch TechnologyThe Dynapic® Solution
Switch failure due to piercing, denting, or scratching the graphic overlay.Graphic overlay thickness is limited to .007 - .010" polyester or polycarbonate, which is easily pierced.Graphic overlay can be anodized aluminum, stainless steel, thick polycarbonate or acrylic.
Switch failure due to tactile feedback problems.Many switches are designed with tactile feedback, which can accelerate switch failure.Eliminates tactile feedback to maximize switch life.
Switch failure due to constant material stress/flex and movement.Can only work by moving materials through a spacer cavity, causing material stress.No moving parts.
Silver migration, trace oxidation & air pressure equalization problems caused by air vents.Air vents are required for proper switch function. Creates opportunity for contamination, oxidation, silver migration, & switch collapse (from pressure equalization).Eliminates air vents.
Input speed for high volume data applications.Slow input speed.Fast input speed. Actuation pressure is controlled by electronics.

Dynapic® Electrical Operating Considerations

Dynapic® rugged keyboards are "active" keyboards that emit an analog pulse as a signal. They require an electronic interface to convert the signal pulses. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Technigraphics can supply the complete interface either by using a special ASIC or by designing a custom interface circuit.
  • The customer can design their own interface circuit into the controller electronics of their product.
  • Technigraphics can supply the customer with a special ASIC and/or provide assistance to help the customer design their own interface circuitry.

Technical data

All data refers to typical values and is particularly dependent upon the construction.

Electrical values:

  • Voltage: typically 1 V/N (burden 10 MOhm)
  • Time constant width: typically 90 ms (burden 10 MOhm)
  • Capacitance: typically 9 nF

Mechanical values:

  • Typical aluminum overlay thickness: .020"
  • Mechanical loading: up to 200 N/cm2
  • Operating force: from 0.1 to 100 N
  • Required operation speed: approx. 10 N/s
  • Maximum cycles per second: > 1000 Hz
  • Storage temperature: -60 °C to +110 °C
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +80 C
  • Number of press cycles: > 10 million

When your product must withstand the most demanding environment, such as operator abuse, vandal-resistance, chemical and temperature extremes, consider Dynapic rugged membrane switches from Technigraphics.

Contact us now for a quotation or for any additional information you need.

Technigraphics has partnered with membrane switch manufacturer Pannam Imaging. Read more here.


Material Choices & Options

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